Award-winning loan brands. Guarantee of the best conditions?

Non-bank loans are one of the fastest growing financial products. Their popularity resulting from better control over loan institutions and improvement of the image in the eyes of the society makes them media recognizable. It is no wonder then that they are also subject to constant evaluation expressed in the form of awards, certificates and medals awarded by both other institutions and consumers themselves. They distinguish reliable, honest and following brands in a manner consistent with professional ethics. However, can such brands offer their clients the most competitive conditions?

Consumer Laurel is the choice of society

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If the quality of a loan brand is measured by its honest attitude towards its customers and good contact with consumers, then Consumer Consumer’s Laurel should undoubtedly be the best indicator of the company’s advantage over the others, all the more so that everyone can still participate in the plebiscite. Thanks to this, it reaches the average users better, who are usually the most reliable in social research. The most frequently awarded loan brands of the Consumer Laurel are Vivo and Bretty.

Vivo and Bretty – the best loans?

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Both brands are undoubtedly one of the most popular and recognizable, also by people who have never had contact with an online loan. But is this also their greatest competitiveness? Let’s see.

Both Vivo and Bretty are typical payday loans. In this first company, customers can count on USD 3,000 for a free loan and USD 7,500 in each subsequent one. This makes it one of the largest loans of this type on the market. Bretty, in turn, cannot boast of such large amounts. It is currently 1000 zlotys of the first payday payday (which is quite small compared to other brands) and 5000 zlotys for the second and each subsequent time. At first glance, this does not look as impressive as in the case of Vivo.

Loan Magazine Awards

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Loan Magazine mainly promotes responsible lenders, i.e. those who do not expose the client to financial deterioration, and whose operation is based on broadly understood financial ethics. Therefore, first of all trustworthy companies that care about consumer rights are distinguished. You can count on clear and transparent conditions, comprehensive information on the cost of the loan, efficient communication with the company’s employees and the security of all online transactions. Institutions that have received such a distinction are obliged to comply with the Code of Responsible Borrowing, which for borrowers means above all care for their financial security.